Monday, August 15, 2005

Leaving Las Vegas...

Wassup, Y'all!

Sorry about the lackidasical posting over the past few days. Old Tyrone's been in Vegas since Thursday and I'm happy to report that the joint is still off the meter (even if it is so hot you see more Satan sightings than Elvis sightings)! Signs like that mug above get you in the right frame of mind right off the bat, y'all - and I for one appreciate the Vegas Chamber of Commerce's effort. I fell through for a high school class reunion and we did some hard a$$ hanging out and reminiscing at the Geisha Bar 'til about 4am every night (which is 6 am for a Central Time Zone brother like myself...). Even with my late night posting habits, I couldn't get the fingers to stay on the keys long enough to post when I got back up to the suite. The shortys were banging, the town was jumping and Old Ty finally got a taste of the high roller treatment as it turns out one of my classmates is a upscale restaurateur...

Old boy is living the life, y'all. He's got six LA restaurants, two in Vegas and two in Tokyo so me and a couple shortys from school ventured over to The Forum Shops (side note: that joint is a marvel to see, y'all - it's like walking through Italy - all the high end shops are there Coach, Armani, Ferragamo, yada, yada - but no Sean Jean, what's up with that?) over in the Caesars complex to check out his restaurant, Sushi Roku for lunch. It's up on the third floor next door to his other spot, a steak joint called Boa Steakhouse (man - they got some butter soft Kobe beef up in that piece y'all (they brought some over to us) so stop in if you're in Vegas). Anyway, old boy set it out for us over at Sushi Roku - we ate like some bandits on the run from the famine in Ethiopia, y'all. Food and drink was flowing and we got our 'eat, drink and be merry' on, no doubt! Of course, being a brother who always looks at the glass and sees it half empty, I was crying about missing the party that his boy had set up at the new Wynn Hotel and Casino the day before. You had to know there was some heathen level activity going on at that joint as y'all know shortys tend to follow the money... Anyway, it was a great time and I'm back at home base and should be back to my regular broadcast schedule. So if you're ever in Vegas and are jonesin' for Japanese or steak cuisine, stop by those joints and get your grub on. You won't be disappointed - that's a Malone Zone guarantee. If you happen to be shopping your screenplay in LA, go 'head and hit his other joint Katana, which is one of the most popular Japanese eateries out there. If you should happen to bump into Brad and Angelina in the spot, don't forget to let them know Old Tyrone sent you!



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