Tuesday, August 02, 2005

AJ & Free Bounce from 106 & Park?

Wassup, Y'all!

Can't say I'm surprised as, in my opinion, BET is always a path *never* a destination but I'm still kinda blown if the story is true that AJ and my girl Free are blowing BET's 106 and Park's pop stand. Got HipHop? dropped a recent post that says just that but since I haven't called Dan Rather to corroborate the actual factuals I'll hold off final judgement. Dang - and I got into the blog biz just to catch Free's eye so I could get those digits too. The good news is that I won't have to put up with AJ's weavy-weave braids anymore but I'm *sure* gonna miss Free killing every pair of pants she ever wore to the set. That south side shorty is truly blessed...with talent and personality. So if it is true, the drama builds over who the replacement(s) will be. After all the rumors of back biting and hatin' going on over at BET, my money is on a certain foine west side latina shorty (no - not J-Lo dummy)...

That's right - the one and only Julissa Bermudez (my bad on that whack glossy y'all but it seems JB is a bit camera shy when it comes to publicity glossys. If you can find a top choice joint of old girl - holler back) who BET insiders have had beefing with Free (or vice versa) from jump street. All that ruckus seemed to be unsubstantiated but I'm going to have to break off a man sized hmmmmmmmm if old girl gets the slot, but then you have to ask yourself is it still 106 and Park or a warmed over version of The Roof that JB used to host over on the west side station MUN2? As my boy 'Tini Mack is fond of saying - I ain't hatin', I'm just statin', y'all. I'll reserve judgement until I see how things shake out. In the mean time, it's time to fire up Dr. TiVo to archive a couple hours of prime Free footage. That will have to hold me until she starts dropping a few musica videos. Comprende, y'all?

I also expect the Film and Television branch of the Smithsonian to give Free a call to ask her to donate her booty to the museum. They'll have to build a new wing for it and what not, but that joint will pay for itself in less than a year. Shoot half of it will probably come straight out of my pocket...wooooooo.



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