Friday, February 29, 2008

New Orleans and 'Noble' Leonard Riggio

Wassup, Y'all!

The basement wire alerted me to the solid just done for New Orleans by Barnes & Noble Chairman, Leonard Riggio. His family foundation plans to donate '$20 million from his family foundation to build new houses for residents displaced by the storm 2 1/2 years ago'. Riggio, a self made businessman who gradually turned the NYC based Student Book Exchange into Barnes & Noble - the largest bookseller in world, is clearly a homey who gets it...

These types of moves engender what ol Ty's calls Passive PR. By that I mean the next time I go book shoppin', B&N moves to the top of my list. Of course, I'll still be comparin' prices and what not since mama's always trippin about the rent, but since I know B&N has such a philanthropic CEO (and in an area I care about), when I hit a brick and mortar bookstore, given a choice, I'll plan to split some paper with B&N.

According to the article, Riggio's "Project Home Again," plans to build '20 new, elevated houses for lower-income families. ...Gentilly residents — those who lived in the racially diverse, mixed-income neighborhood at least two years before Katrina and who still own property there — to swap their uninhabitable, storm-damaged homes or empty lots for houses that would be built on roughly 3 1/2 acres. Those families then would get forgivable mortgages, over five years, before owning the new houses outright'

Man, that's a better deal than the joint I got with mama right now! Wow, with a move like that I might have to pop for a Caramel Macchiato and a scone to go with my copy of King Magazine. Two snaps up, L-Rig!



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