Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Beware the Ides of Palin

Wassup, Y'all!

Okay, tomorrow's debate won't actually fall in either March or the Ides of October (October 15th), but as superstitious as ol Ty is, I think Smokin' Joe Biden (and by extension the Smooth Barack campaign) needs to be alert for the Sarah Palin (Say-Pay) okey-doke. Let me explain...

Back in the day, 44 BC to be exact, Julius Caesar was so sure of himself that he decided to anoint himself Rome's 'Dictator for Life'. A soothsayer on Caesar's staff (the precusor to pollsters, y'all) warned him that he would be at great peril on the 'Ides of March', which happened to be the same day he had planned an innocent Senate meeting. At the meeting, Caesar's Senate colleagues felt he had overstepped his bounds and promptly stabbed his a$$ to death (see the associated glossy). Lesson learned? Everything is not always as it seems. Said another way related to the vice presidential debate, Say-Pay can't be the dimmest bulb in the Republican box - if so, how'd she become a state governor? If not, wouldn't now be the perfect time for her real coming out party?

I know, I know - I'm being silly. We've all seen the Katie Couric interview, the Miss Alaska pageant footage of 'Sarah Heath's' swimsuit walk (why no questioning of Say-Pay now about how sexist beauty pageants are? Swimsuit and high heels? Maybe it's just me...) and flute talent performance, the dead-on SNL sketches, Citizen McCain spirited defense of her Obama-esque Pakistan comment, but here's a little something you probably haven't seen yet, snippets from Say-Pay's previous gubernatorial debates. Ol girl's not half bad when she knows what's coming. Given how low the expectations are for Say-Pay, if she gives a fair performance, it could help stem Smooth's growin' momentum.

Not sure just how ol Ty got this superstitious (also known as Florida Recount Paranoia or FRP), but there's a little too much positive news for me to be happy. No, ol Ty is wary, y'all. I'm sensin' the okey-doke just around the corner and what Trojan Moose Horse would be better to spring it than a flute playin', hockey mom from the Great North, ya knooow? Returning to our cautionary tale of confident Caesar strollin to an innocent Senate meeting, he remarked to his soothsayer, 'The Ides of March have come' (you dummy and I'm still breathing), to which the crafty soothsayer replied, 'Aye, Caesar, but not gone'... Cue the spooky music.



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