Friday, October 03, 2008

Empress Palin has no clothes - Part I

Wassup, Y'all!

I'm under the gun, y'all so I can't address this topic with my normal thoroughness but I *had* to drop a quick holler about last night's debate and the head scratchin' reaction I'm hearing and reading about. Sarah Palin sounded like a goof last night. I thought so, my diverse crew thought so but what are a lot of the pundits saying? George Stephanopoulos said she brought her 'A' game! Maybe for the vice presidency of the Wasilla High student Council. What's ol girl's B game look like??

For now let me just drop this one review from Politico that pretty much sums up the view I had. Man, it's like we're living in an alternate universe or something. I still maintain that you could have put a potato on Say-Pay's lecturn, left her at home and still had the same debate. That moose don't graze.

Back on Monday, y'all.



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