Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jon Burge: Didn't See It Coming Did You?

Wassup, Y'all!

A couple years ago, I dropped my 'Sweet Home Chicago' post lamenting the fact that former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge was cold chillin' in Florida in cushy retirement still cashin' his retirement checks. Why was Ol Ty hatin' on homey? Only because he presided over a systematic program of suspect beatings and tortures that had finally come to light after years of suspects claiming such abuses. A final investigation proved the charges but, due to the statute of limitations, it came years too late to do anything about it...or so everyone thought until yesterday...

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald (who has my vote for the next U.S. Attorney General - ol boy is *always* doing top quality work) decided to take the 'Al Capone' approach to Burge. Y'all old time Chicago folk will remember that Big Al got sent to Alcatraz not for his gangland murder and mayhem shenanigans but for tax evasion. The thinking was that it didn't matter what Big Al did a bid for as long as he did a bid. Same story for Cattle Prod Jon. Pat Fitz is bringing perjury and obstruction of justice charges against his 60 year old a$$, charging that since the torture allegations have been proven, his former statements claiming otherwise now put him in legal jeopardy. You gotta love that angle.

So Cattle Prod found his limping butt back in Chicago taking a perp walk and getting the booking he so richly deserved. Of course Cattle Prod trying to play the 'old, harmless guy' role, saying to the press outside after his arrest and booking, 'I'm old. I'm hurting. Please leave me alone'. Wow - HE'S HURTING. That's rich. Poor Cattle Prod. Your hurting has hopefully just started homey. Tossed Salad Man! Order coming up on Table Two! Hopefully these charges will stick and Cattle Prod will get the full 20 year bid he deserves. While savoring pictures of that kind of delayed justice, take a peek at what other Chicago folk think about this happy turn of events.

Oh happy day, y'all. Oh happy day.



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