Thursday, October 30, 2008

Smooth Barack Rests His Case

Wassup, Y'all!

Damn. If you're Citizen McCain or his running mate silly Say-Pay that's pretty much all you could say in response to Smooth's 30 minute, prime time summation of his presidential campaign. Yeah, Citizen was wolfin' earlier in the day callin' it a coronation speech, a planned interruption of World Series coverage, blahda, blahda, blahda. All that was what Ol Ty and his crew call 'hatin'' in the hood. Straight hatin' - cuz any politician worth his salt would sell all his children, his wife *and* his mama to get that type of uninterrupted moment to state his case directly to the American people with the help of tight, highly polished production techniques...

Smooth had it all clickin', y'all. Touching vignettes of strugglin' middle-class families, outtakes of the most electric moments of his past speeches, American flags, amber waves of grain, his mingling with people from all classes and ethnicities on the campaign trail, small crowds, insanely huge crowds - every aspect that stirs emotion in any heart not made of stone or pumping conservative blood. Say what you want about Smooth and his crew, but they know their business and crafted a master campaign plan that will be *the* model to follow for elections to come.

It was a closing summation worthy of Perry Mason...or Johnny Cochran - 'If your opponent is old, you must be bold'. It was the perfect way to rest his case for the presidency. Put that up against Citizen's last best hope - non-stop mudslinging with nary a reference back to his own plans for America. Hope vs. Cynicism. Unity vs. Division. Thoughtful Deliberation vs. Shoot From The Lip Hip. Cool Hand Luke vs. Uncle Fester. Damn. This joint shouldn't even be close.



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