Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hatin' on Gwen Ifill

Wassup, Y'all!

Now that the polls seem to be shifting back into the blue, expect the Republicans to implement Project Slash and Burn in a final, desperate attempt to again gain the White House, not by earning it on the issues, but by stealing it with character assassination and election day voting chicanery. Since the election is still four weeks away, the character assassination protocol is already underway with sites locked on tonight's Vice Presidential debate moderator Gwen 'Completely In The Tank For Obama' Ifill.

Ol Ty's thoughts on that in a minute, but what's really worked my last nerve is the new Republican attempt to pawn off their culpability in the economic implosion by pointing the finger to a 30 year old piece of housing related legislation designed to help low income workers afford a home. Essentially the developing line on that is the real causes to this current problem are Democrats (since the act passed during the Carter Administration) and minorities (who tend make up the bulk of lower income workers). Wow. If you thought credit was hard to find these days, try looking for shame and accountability from conservative talking heads...

To illustrate just how crazy and polarized politics have become, check out the Wednesday (10/1/08) column from Washington Post conservation columnist Kathleen Parker. Three days earlier, after cringing through Sarah Palin's (Say-Pay) Katie Couric interviews, K-Park finally gave up the conservative charade of insisting that Say-Pay is fit to serve, and wrote a column entitled, 'The Palin Problem' which voiced most of the things rational people were saying about Say-Pay's millimeter depth on complex issues.

The reaction from the right was swift and savage - if she'd have been a southside shorty in 1960's Birmingham her crib would have no doubt been firebombed. Instead one of her more charitable readers emailed her that her mother should have aborted her and left her in a dumpster. And I thought the right was pro-life? This whole Red/Blue political stuff has reached the ridiculous level of European soccer hooliganism, y'all. Anything goes as long as our team wins. We all need to watch Spike's 'Do The Right Thing' a couple more times then check into an Arizona meditation clinic for about a decade.

So you knew what was coming once poll numbers started to drop for hockey mom Say-Pay since folks are actually getting a chance to listen to her non-studio produced, 'unplugged' album material. Instead of being accountable and saying, 'yeah, you're right - we could have done better with about a hundred other strong, female Republican candidates'. You get slight of hand and misdirection in the form of Shorty Gwen Ifill. Shorty Gwen is in the process of writing a book titled, 'The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama', described as a survey of, '...the American political landscape, shedding new light on the impact of Barack Obama's stunning presidential campaign and introducing the emerging young African American politicians forging a bold new path to political power'.

One thing is undeniable about Smooth Barack's candidacy - it's changed the game forever and I believe that the focus of the book is just how it has changed the game for up and coming southside politicians (both Democrat and Republican). The Republican spin is that Shorty Gwen is in the tank for Obama and if Say-Pay has a bad night, it will be not because she's a potato head but because she was set up by Shorty Gwen who clearly has a Democratic agenda. No shame. No accountability. Here's Shorty Gwen's thoughts on this ruckus.

Lastly, returning to this blame shifting for the economic meltdown. The false logic goes like this, because in 1977, Democrats passed, '...the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977', an act, 'intended to encourage depository institutions to help meet the credit needs of the communities in which they operate, including low- and moderate-income neighborhoods, consistent with safe and sound operations', some extreme conservatives would have you believe that this put undue pressure on mortgage lending institution like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to lend money in an unsafe fashion to people who they knew would not or could not pay it back. Read the article and determine for yourself why I consider that some very false logic.

Still, on his show on Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh had the nerve to equate this to 'reparations'. By that I took his meaning to be since southsiders will never shut up about getting reparations from the government for their early mistreatment as slaves (which ol Ty is not on board with - I accepted the apology already given - no blood money required) the Democrats concocted a scheme to get them low cost mortgages on homes they couldn't afford instead and by so doing, caused this economic calamity we now find ourselves in. No shame. No accountability.

After nearly crashing the hoopty, I had to ask myself, 'Ty? Are you being like 'Cougar' in 'Top Gun' and holding on too tight? Are you losing your edge? Your objectivity?' Maybe so, y'all and feel free to call a brother out if you think so as well. All I know is that this type of ruckus is enough to make ol Ty catch a Racial Tension Headache. Yo Queen! Pass a brother some of that Excedrin RTH!...

Anyway - T-90 minutes 'til the debate. Getcha popcorn ready!



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