Thursday, October 23, 2008

The High Tech Candidate Goes Virtual

Wassup, Y'all!

I'm sure a few of you regular readers, after enjoying (or suffering through) my endless post on Smooth Barack Obama, have asked yourselves, 'Just what is it that really makes Ty appreciate Smooth so much?' Is it his dazzling oratorical skillz? His calm, deliberate judgement? His ability to assemble a peerless political team? Put together a ground organization unrivaled in scope and operation in the history of politics? Raise more funds than all the political candidates in 2000 combined? His goal of uniting the country by emphasizing our common goals and ideals? His background in Constitutional law? That he's a family man? A man with a world view? A brother who's as comfortable eating cavier at a $3,000 a plate northside dinner as he is chowin' down greens and a slice of sweet potato pie with the homeys at a southside family BBQ? Naaaah, bump all that noise. All that jibber-jabber is just icing on the cake. The real quality that sold Ol Ty on Smooth Barack was his early and continued adoption of current technology into his campaign. I'll admit it - I'm a guy and when it comes to tech, Smooth had me at SMS...

From jump homey's website leveraged every social network out there - MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn. You could keep up with his campaign's every move by registering for his tweets at Twitter. You could use his own campaign website to set up your own social network, blog about your experiences as a foot soldier in the revolution, register for email alerts or, better yet, just get them via a RSS feed. When he announced Smokin' Joe Biden as his running mate, did you have to wait for the web or news outlets to break the news? Naahhh - that's old school, cousin. Smooth let you use your cell phone to register for a SMS message to hit you back at the appointed hour. My joint came in at about 2:00 in the morning and the only problem was my girl thinkin' it was Big Booty Julie chirpin' in for a booty call. That nonsense aside - it was just straight cool.

Now, not satisfied to rest on his high tech laurels, Smooth is droppin' the hammer in the final days of the campaign by going virtual and putting up campaign advertising in video games. That's some crafty $hit, y'all. From jump, younger voters have been the key to his ground game and he's reached out to them in every way they communicate. Could you see Citizen McCain even knowing what a video game or Twitter Tweet was? Me neither. Yet if you boot up a copy of EA's Burnout: Paradise, slip into a tight ride and hit the road, you'll be treated to a virtual billboard sporting Smooth's message to get out and vote. Strap on a helmet in Madden '09 and you'll see a similar message in the stadium advertising. I repeat - that's some crafty $hit, y'all. Look up 'innovative' on Wikipedia and you'll find Smooth's face right there (as soon as I edit that bad boy...).

Given all that, a brother has to hope that Smooth also has his tech team out monitoring these polling precincts and high tech voting booths up until election day - can't image he won't . Maaa fact he'll probably have the election day joint hooked up so once you cast your vote for him, you can use the screen to play a game of Madden for twenty minutes. Don't hate the player, hate the game, y'all.



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