Monday, October 06, 2008

Empress Palin has no clothes - Part II: Lizzie Borden

Wassup, Y'all!

Back in the basement *still* scratchin' my head over the Say-Pay debate reviews. Before I hit that again, let me do a quick aside Fred Sanford style: 'OJ! You big dummy! See you when I see you.'

Okay. Here it is, four days after the debate (and another hilarious send up of Say-Pay's performance on SNL) and a plurality of pundits continue to say how homegirl, 'held her own', 'exceeded expectations', 'gave the ticket an infusion of enthusiasm', bladda, bladda, bladda. Here's my take on that nonsense: The media has a vested interest in keeping this thing close and interesting. If they had all come out and voiced their real reaction to her ridiculous debate performance like old school Carl Bernstein, there'd be no drama left to keep viewers and readers rivited to the race. It's not reality, y'all - it's business.

So now, as I noted in my Thursday (10/2) post, comes the Kitchen Sink approach from the fading Republican ticket. Anything is now fair game and in subsequent days Say-Pay has been on the stump, rehasing old news, "callin' out" Smooth Barack on his associations with William Ayers and now Rev. J-Wright. To show just how potato-ey her head is, ol girl had the nerve to say this about the Smooth / Rev. J-Wright relationship, 'To tell you the truth, Bill [Kristol], I don't know why that association isn't discussed more'.

Where's this chick been? Did she miss the entire Democratic Primary? See what happens when you're out shooting wolves from helicopters, on the tundra field dressin' mooses and waiting for your husband to get back from snow mobile racing so you can sit your 17 year old daughter down to talk about the value of abstinence? I know Alaska is not part of the 'lower 48' but I'm pretty sure they get radio and TV uppair. How'd homegirl miss the coverage? She's now gone from 'outsider' to 'maverick' to Citizen McCain's personal 'Lizzie Borden' (the early American OJ). Ol girl's got the axe and is steppin up to take her whacks - all this from a simple 'hockey mom'. I heard about the lipstick. I must have missed the part about the axe. How's that for 'small town values'?



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