Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Debate II: Where My Money At?

Wassup, Y'all!

Wyclef Jean couldn't have summed up Debate II any better. If Citizen McCain thought he would be able to seize the high ground or turn the debate away from his weak suit - the economy - he should have had Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh set it up. Since that didn't happen and the debate format featured real questions from real American citizens they mostly wanted to know the candidates plans for putting some of that $2 TRILLION of paper lost in American retirement accounts over the last 15 months back in their pockets. Let's face it - folks are scared and rightly so. Ol Ty's become increasingly concerned that mama's 401(k) won't be enough to support us both as she enters her golden years and I ain't feelin' moving up out this basement. That's right, y'all - even ol Ty is feelin' the economic pinch....

So clearly the slash and burn approach that McCain/Palin hopes will bring them back from the brink isn't gaining any traction as family after family checks in on their 401(k) and requires two hits from a defibrillator to get back up off the floor. Given that level of personal involvement in the economic crisis, who the hell cares about Bill Ayers, Rev. J-Wright or even OJ? How 'bout you, Joe Six-Pack? No? You don't even have enough money left over for a six-pack now, do you? Hockey Moms - how y'all feelin'? What? Can't even afford lipstick so now y'all really do look like pitbulls? That's jacked up.

So if this duplicitous line of attack isn't really going to shift the momentum back to the Dark Side, what other purpose can it possibly serve? How about to harden the hearts and minds of people already in the Citizen McCain / Say 'Hachet' Pay camp. If initial reports of their behavior at rallies is in any way accurate, some of those folks have some serious problems. Knowing that their campaign rhetoric is inciting this type of anti-social behavior, if they should continue to encourage it, what does that say about their real morals and values? Certainly they wouldn't be worthy of any type of office, let alone the highest office in the nation. We'll see if they remain committed to this dubious strategy of character assassination.

My take on the debate is that 1) Citizen McCain clearly does like that format and seemed a little less 'Uncle Fester'-like but essentially remained Uncle Fester. Smooth Barack again looked Smooth and, in a nice trend, no longer suffers fools gladly and is now quick to call out Citizen on his jumbling of facts on his plans and motives. Ol Ty definitely isn't diggin' this perceived lack of respect (real or imagined - I'm thinkin' it's real) that Citizen has for Smooth. Is that the type of 'steady hand' you want at the tiller? A mean, grudgeful a$$ who gets cranky and disrespectful when things don't go his way? As my niece is known to frequently say to silly questions with obvious answers, 'Uh no'. I'm with you on that one, niecey.



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