Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boy King Kwame's New Throne

Wassup, Y'all!

If you look hard in the lower right hand corner of the glossy on the right, you'll see the 'throne' Boy King Kwame Kilpatrick will be shi...sittin' on for the next four months as he takes up residence in jail cell 14J-4 in the Wayne County jail. Just a small token of appreciation handed down to Boy King for perjuring himself, embarassing the city of Detroit and costing it $14 million in legal settlements and court costs. LOL!...

Despite the spartan digs, it seems that due to Boy King's notoriety, he'll be gettin' the 'good cell' at County which is more spacious than normal cells (twice the size) and has an attached shower to keep Boy King from havin' to worry about bendin' over after droppin his soap. Also, since he'll be segregated from gen pop it seems that even a night time visit from Tossed Salad Man is out of the question. Yet, Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans said that Boy King 'will be treated like any other prisoner'. Ol Ty would have to respectfully disagree. Put his big a$$ in gen pop! At 6'4" you figure homey can take care of himself...unless he's soft.

Anyway, in Boy King's new digs, there's a little mirror that previous cell tenants have used to mark their passing. Most just left their tags or nicknames - such incarcerated luminaries as Bam-Bam, Repo, Little Dee and Crew Dad (what happened to Ray-Ray or Lump Nasty? I know those brothers got cycled through there at some point too!). But it seems one brother got a little introspective during his time in 14J-4 and scrawled a single word that encourages us to do the one thing we need to do to ensure that Boy King will just fade away when he gets sprung around Groundhogs Day '09. It said simply, 'Pray'.

Amen, my brother. Amen.



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