Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Wassup, Y'all!

Remember back in the day when you acted up to the point where you mother finally snapped and chased you around the house until she cornered your little non planning a** in a corner. As she approached with a look of murder in her eye and you knew you were about to collect a 'special edition' a** whuppin', you would push your hands out in front of you and cry, 'Momma noooooooo'. I had just that flashback tonight y'all as I screened my second to last episode of Kevin Hill knowing full well that my days of seeing a guaranteed buffet of fine shortys every week is coming to a crashing close...

To add insult to injury, tonight's episode featured *both* Toni Braxton AND Eva Pigford, in addition to fine shorty regular Michael Michelle. It's gotten so bad, y'all I even have the dog checking in on me from time to time to make sure I'm still breathing with a little mirror he carries on his coller. I appreciate the love Cocktail! My little niece tried to cheer me up with a link to Napoleon Dynamite doing his dance thing (I suggest the beat box track if y'all decide to peruse it. That boy's definetly gettin' is Kevin Bacon, Footloose swerve on. I admit it cracked me up, but nothing is going to take the sting away short of M. Michelle falling through the crib and personally helping me through my period of mourning...in lingerie. Guess I'll just have to assimilate with my south side homeys and start watching 'Girlfriends' on UPN...oh the shame, the shame!



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