Friday, May 06, 2005

Guess Who's Coming to Wisteria Lane?

Wassup, Y'all!

That's right, y'all. It seems some one at ABC has been reading the blog as old Tyrone was crying long and hard about the fact that there wasn't a single south side family kicking it on Wisteria Lane - the 'Beaver Cleaver' neighborhood featured in ABC's hit 'Desperate Housewives'. I dropped a dime on them back in January in my 'Mortgage Redlining on Wisteria Lane?' post. Well word's in from my LA contact Gin Fizz that my girl Alfre Woodard is set to become the first south side housewife on May 15th, a week before the May 22nd season finale so you know the joint's gonna get juicy next season, y'all...

First things first - I'm figuring the reason it's taken so long for a sister to find her way to Wisteria Lane is because they've already perfected being 'desperate housewives' . That little bit of drama going on in Pleasantville wouldn't even warrant most sisters turning over in bed...but I digress. Second, somehow this south side family comes with the last name 'Applewhite'...Come on, now! What happened to Jackson, Johnson or Jefferson?? I've been a south sider for a long time now and never once bumped up on a south side family called the damn Applewhites! Okay - beggars can't be choosy but next season I better see at least one show where a mainstream north side family has two sons named Tyrone and Peabo or I'm a know something.

The Wisteria news gets even better, y'all. Alfre is coming to the hood with her young son who'll be played by 24 year old model Mehcad 'The Cad' Brooks. You know where this is headed, y'all. You know Mehcad 'The Cad' is gonna bump that buster gardener out the way and end up tapping Eva Longoria on the kitchen table, on the bedroom dresser, out back on the air conditioner and everywhere in between. That'll be 'must see TV'. Woooooo. Will Gabrielle catch the fever for the flavor? Is the Pope German (with all that wall to wall coverage, y'all better know the answer to that one!)? The only thing wilder would be for 'The Cad' to tap that uptight Bree Vandekamp. I bet Vegas already has a 'tap' line out now....

It's gonna be a looong, hot summer y'all!



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