Monday, May 16, 2005

Mr. Chappelle, Your Corner's Ready...

Wassup, Y'all!

Another day, another Where's Chappelle? update. The good news is that our boy Dave Chappelle swears that 1) he's not crazy and 2) he's not smoking crack (hmmm...did we ever say he was? Sounds kinda defensive on that one, y'all). In an attempt to explain his erratic behavior, Dizzy Dave dropped a few quotes on Time magazine to let folks know he's A-OK and just on a 'spiritual retreat' over in Durban, South Africa...Now I hear the ocean scenery in Durban is off the hook but I'm figuring if you do smoke a little crack and stare out at Malibu Beach long enough it'll start resembling the South African coast. Had Dave been wise enough to take this approach, he'd be able to get his spiritual retreat on *and* keep taping his damn show! Okay, okay - I'm being a little selfish on this one, y'all but come on now! As creative as that brother is, I *know* he could have come up with something better than that!!

O & Stedman sighting!...Man, just when I was believing the hype about Oprah drop kicking Stedman, old boy turns up at her California, off the hizzle fo shizzle, blowout honoring 25 south side shorty legends. In celebration, I'll drop a retro glossy of Her O-ness and Rock Stedy. I caught a couple clips of that joint and it was a who's who in black America up in that mug. (Side Note: is anyone living the life better than Illinois' freshman U.S. Senator Barack Obama? Man, a year ago that brother was a regular, Joe Blow state Senator and now he's on *everybody's* A-list and it seems he never met an invitation he didn't RSVP. Can't hate on that, y'all...). As I was looking over all the beautiful people kicking at Oprah's party, I had to ask myself "I wonder what all the folks who didn't get an invite are thinking now?" That's a cold dish to know you're on Oprah's B-List....

Speaking of beautiful people, I saw my girl Angela Bassett slinking through the party with her fine self and that reminded me to get back on my letter writing campaign to get her role on Alias expanded. ABC - how you gonna hire fine Angela and then give her about 30 minutes of air time during the *whole* season? How whack is that?? Don't make me have to stop by the office and get medieval on that a**. Old girl is too fine to be on the sidelines! And while I'm on it, y'all know Alias has missed a couple steps this season. There's a little too much love and happiness going on back at headquarters. You need to come strong next season and shake things up, man! It's Alias not Touched By An Angel!! Take a note from 24 to see how to come strong *every* week.

Finally, big ups to my girl Robin Roberts who got elevated to a co-anchor slot on GMA! Man, I've been writing letters for I don't know how long saying they should do just that. Now I don't want to take *all* the credit for the move, but I do have to get mine, y'all. Now if we add up all the south side morning show anchors we get a grand total Ah well, Rome wasn't built in a day, but quiet as it's kept, at this rate *Chelsea* Clinton will be running for President before we see another one. Go on with your bad self, Robin!



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