Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Shorty Motto: Divorce Rich

Wassup, Y'all!

Okay, full disclosure - I'm in player (actually playette) hatin' mode, y'all. Now I'm not hating the fact that Sheila Johnson, former wife of BET mogul Bob Johnson, headed up a group that just purchased the WNBA Washington Mystics making her the WNBA's first south side owner. No, I'm playette hatin' on old girl because she earned her loot to help finance the purchase the old fashioned way - she divorced into it. Having been on the business end of that financial drive by myself, I'm wondering why "Strategic Divorcing" isn't being taught in the best Business Schools...

Careful TM blog readers will remember that I first dropped a little knowledge about S-Jay back in March in my Billionaire Shortys Waiting For Your Call post. Being no fan of Mr. Bob Johnson, BET founder, I was cracking on the fact that his divorced had bumped his butt right off the Forbes Billionaires List since he had to part with about $700 million plus change. Now I know the phone lines in the Malone Zone will be blowin' up from irate shortys who'll point out that S-Jay was married to Billy Bob when he founded BET (they're actually considered co-founders) and that she'd stayed married to old boy for 33 years (which should be worth at least $50 million from the git go...) but make no mistake, BET was Billy Bob's vision and like a supportive wife who supports her man through med school and then he goes on to become a big money plastic surgeon, exactly who figures out what just compensation should be for that support? $700 million strikes me as just a tad too much.

Similar deal with shortys who come in to big money relationships with a nice GAP wardrobe and a platinum body and later walk off with a substantial chunk of the spoils from her man's life work. Yeah, I know, I know, before I ended my Billionaire Shortys post I *did* say you couldn't hate on S-Jay since she swooped the money fair and square, but now that I'm seeing the cool stuff $700 million can buy, I'm rethinking my position.

I guess that's why they call it player hatin'.... Anyway - congrats on the Mystics S-Jay, hopefully more south side owners will join you in both the WNBA and the NBA and the NFL and MLB. In that regard we can use more trailblazers like you, but I have to believe that there's a crew of empty headed shortys sitting in a mall somewhere in America toasting your picture with Grande Caramel Frappachinos, high fiving and singing, "I want my, I want my, I want my B-E-T - that's the way you do it, money for nothing, 'cept some good boot-y".

Okay - flame off...



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