Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Clarett to Star in Longest Yard Remake!

Wassup, Y'all!

You know that's got to happen - for real - at the rate this brother is going. Maurice, WTF, dude? Now word has reached the basement that being up on charges of aggravated robbery wasn't enough for this young brother who just four loooong years ago was the toast of Ohio State football and the NCAA Division I National Championship game. Now at the tender age of 22, Clarett adds leading the police on a car chase, getting maced and yolked in a restaurant parking lot and (though out on $20K bail) having four concealed weapons in his hoopty. Talk about Baby Face Nelson...

When y'all hear your parents refer to 'touble magnets', now you know what they're talking about. On the real tip, if you took a look at all the ruckus this brother was in even before being suspended by Ohio State for numerous bricka-brack, it's not like you couldn't see all this coming. Despite all this, there is a little ray of sunshine for MC. Once he hits the pen and the warden puts together a squad of inmates to scrimmage against the guards, the cons will have a tight backfield with a one, two punch featuring MC and Lawrence Phillips...



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