Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bin Laden Feeling Whitney?

Wassup, Y'all!

I know this topic has been blogged on ad infinitum since the news broke, but when have you known that to stop me? First you can thank me for hooking up Whitney with a pre-crack glossy - that's how I like to remember ol girl best. When she was foine and healthy (still a little on the skinny side even way back then). I can only imagine that's the last picture that Osama Bin Laden has of ol girl as well. How else to explain his alledged infatuation with a woman who now makes those fabled $10 El Paso streetwalkers look like the next stable of talent on America's Top Model...

Y'all sure don't need me for the actual factuals of the story - hit the link for that ruckus. I'm here to pose a couple 'after the fact' questions to understand just what OBL is thinking about. OBL! With alllllll the other foine shortys walking around over here, dude how can you be feeling Whitney Houston? I know you've seen the tabloid glossys and heard the nearly unrepeatable story of how Bobby Brown needed to help ol girl with a 'difficult bowel movement'. OBL, dude that could have been you wrapped up in the funk instead of chilling in your spot watching CNN and planning your next public tongue lashing of GW.

I admit I never saw this coming. My money was on him coming in to break up Star Jones' little homegirl honeybunch since he was a member of her wedding party, but this? Just goes to show that money can't buy taste, class or social manners. Since OBL was alledgely quoted (after viewing a glossy of Whitney in braids) saying: "only monkeys" did that, I had to find my way down to Winky's Corner Store to start passing the hat so we can up the bounty on his a$$ another million. OBL - I got your monkey right here, homey.

Despite all the crackin', Whitney, even ol Ty has your back on that foul ruckus...



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