Friday, August 04, 2006

Tiger Doin' it REAL Big...

Wassup, Y'all!

A few posts ago I made mention of how my boy Tiger Woods could make a grown man cry with his exploits on the links. Now after getting a peep of his financial status (which has placed him on top of Sports Illustrated's Fortunate 50 list for the *third* straight year), ol boy's got me crying all over again with his mind boggling annual earnings. All I have to say is 1) Daaaaaammmmmnnnn and 2) Michael Jordan, eat your heart out, homey cuz you ain't never seen chedder like this...

As you peruse the list you'll see a 'fortunate' collection of golf, basketball, football and baseball stars but no one come close to touching the rarified air of Tigro who clocked in at a you-gotta-be-frickin-kidding-me $97 million dollars. Chew on that figure for a second. 30 years old...$97 million dollars...damn. And just when you come to grips with that damn foolishness (yes, y'all there's a little hatin' goin' on in the basement today!) folks are pointing out that since the beginning of his pro golf career he's earned more than $500 million or, put another way, half a billion dollars. Sports writers say he's a lock to be both the first $100 million a year athelete and the first $1 billion dollar career athelete. That just don't make any damn sense... Suddenly 'Michael Jordan' money seems like grade school lunch money.

So what's a guy to do who's legend and endorsement list grows everyday (an endorsement list that includes
Nike Golf, American Express, Tag Hauer watches, Buick, EA Sports and Accenture - those Tag Hauer watches are tight!)? Why hook up some accoutrements of course like a hot, blonde, Swedish bikini model wife, a $22 million dollar yacht called 'Privacy', and four different cribs (which I have yet to see on MTV Cribs - stop hatin' MTV!) including the newest, a $38 million, 10 acre joint in FL. You have to know that ol boy's probably got every cool tech gadget known to man and yet, he still hasn't gotten caught up in it all. He could be mailing it in by now since he's set for a couple lifetimes, but it's clear he wants his name at the top of every major golf record there is before he rides his golf cart into the sunset.

Even more amazing is that he's pulling of this financial mugging by playing GOLF! Meaning he can keep making major golf money for at least another decade or more.

Did I already say 'Damn'? I'm not hatin', I'm just statin'...



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