Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah Palin Lets The Fangs Hang Loose

Wassup, Y'all!

Didn't take long. Clearly our girl Say-Pay has learned that the best defensive is an offense so after a few days of gettin' laid out, she took the fight (and stretched the truth to the breaking point) straight to Smooth and by all accounts had a very successful coming out party. The common sentiment after that speech from the democratic side is that, 'It's On!'

Last night featured a bumper crop of good speakers (with the exception of Red Mittens Romney. Red was just whack...) who set the stage just right for Say-Pay by attacking Smooth as a well meaning, inexperienced goof and somehow conveniently forgetting to mention the sorry state of the Union, how their party is responsible for it and what, if anything, they plan to do to correct. It was classic misdirection. Don't have a record of accomplishment to talk about after eight years of Presidential control and six years of congressional control? Then demean the fact that Smooth chose to turn his back on easy lawyer money to help folks less fortunate than him by being a community organizer. By all appearances, Dick Cheney has a worthy successor in Say-Pay....

So lets get to the 'red meat' of Say-Pays less than truthful assertions about herself and Smooth:

Say-Pay says, 'I have protected the taxpayers by vetoing wasteful spending ... and championed reform to end the abuses of earmark spending by Congress'. The truth says 'As mayor of Wasilla, Palin hired a lobbyist and traveled to Washington annually to support earmarks for the town totaling $27 million. In her two years as governor, Alaska has requested nearly $750 million in special federal spending, by far the largest per-capita request in the nation'.

Say-Pay says that Smooth, 'is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or reform _ not even in the state senate'. The truth says that Smooth, 'has worked with Republicans to pass legislation that expanded efforts to intercept illegal shipments of weapons of mass destruction and to help destroy conventional weapons stockpiles' and 'In Illinois, he was the leader on two big, contentious measures in Illinois: studying racial profiling by police and requiring recordings of interrogations in potential death penalty cases. He also successfully co-sponsored major ethics reform legislation'.

Say-Pay says that Smooth 'supports plans to raise income taxes, raise payroll taxes, raise investment income taxes, raise the death tax, raise business taxes, and increase the tax burden on the American people by hundreds of billions of dollars'. The truth (and the Tax Policy Center, a think tank run jointly by the Brookings Institution and the Urban Institute) says, 'Obama's plan would increase after-tax income for middle-income taxpayers by about 5 percent by 2012, or nearly $2,200 annually' while Citizen McCain's plan would 'raise after tax-income for middle-income taxpayers by 3 percent'

So clearly the Citizen/Say-Pay plan is to run away from an eight year record of republican ruin, wrap themselves in the flag and 'family values' and play fast and loose with the truth for the next 60 days. Hopefully the voters will see that the republicans have nothing behind the curtain except literally more of the same attack tactics that worked so successfully for GW and Buckshot Dick. Say-Pay is the new Dan Quayle? Nope - ol girl is the old Dick Cheney with a partial up-do...and lipstick.

I also found it interesting last night how dismissive they were of community service. The only view you can get from the performances at the Republican Convention up to this point is that the only service of value in America is military service. Community service, volunteering to help your fellow citizen get to a better place is clearly frowned upon by the party that brought you boot-strap self sufficiency. Given that, it should be interesting on September 11th when both Smooth and Citizen, invited speakers to a forum put on by Service Nation, address their topic of 'Community Service and Volunteerism'. I'm lookin' forward to hearing Citizen spin his talking points to say the only community service he doesn't value is that conducted by his opponent - the rest? All good, just like my military service that saw me get shot down and brutally tortured and refusing to leave before others in front of....

Was it me or did Citizen look like Uncle Fester when he took the stage to say about five words last night? Hopefully voters aren't superficial and prefer their candidates (like their hollywood stars) to be young, attractive and vigorous because next to Citizen a floor lamp will look will look younger and more vigorous than homey. Yet another reason to stand in the shadow of Say-Pay. Anyway, we've seen Smooth stand up to the blast for eighteen months. Let's see how Say-Pay handles it for two.



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