Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Erykah Badu: I Don't Want Gwen Stefani Stealing my $#!%

Wassup, Y'all!

Quick hit today, as ol Ty is rippin' and runnin'. Besides, I thought it'd be good to cool folks off from the political madness for a second (y'all know who you are - Diva, D-Splash, Strongnupe, etc....). Got to back up off the poll pipe for a few to get a little perspective and get your laugh on. So to that end I drop this bit on my girl Erykah Badu who's been a staple here in the Malone Zone since jump.

I recently borrowed a back issue of 'Wired' magazine (June '08) from my boy Smart Brother to do a little research on hydroponic herb growin' and lo and behold I find E-Bad in a place I never expected - a tech magazine (instead of a joint like 'High Life'). Her article entitled, 'SuperBadu' chronicles how ol girl was once 'so tech-phobic' that she would only record on old-school tape reel'. Now I don't doubt this about E-Bad for a minute as I'm sure she also rolls around town in a hoopty Cadillac kickin' an 8-track too...but I digress. 2004 seemed to be a turning point for homegirl when she copped her first laptop and she moved into the realm of digital tracks and mixing.

Her digital epiphany has resulted in a 'a four-month recording spree yielding more than 70 songs' which are the basis of three albums this year: February's Amerykah, Part One: 4th World War, Part Two and a final album (and Ty's favorite title) Lowdown Loretta Brown - a period piece out this fall that homegirl is being very secretive about. When asked about that joint, E-Bad went all paranoid saying simply, 'I don't want to introduce to much of that right now. I don't want Gwen Stefani stealing my $hit'. Damn, Gwen! How you gonna get straight called out like that in 'Wired' magazine? E-Bad needs to be looking over her shoulder for a midnight beatdown by the Harijuku Girls...

Ok y'all - keep the faith - we'll be back on the political trail tomorrow! But just in case you just can't make it through the day without a hit, smoke on this one about some fishiness in the recent polling samples, then call your sponsor.



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