Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ty's Liking Smooth Barack's new 'speed and ferocity'

Wassup, Y'all!

The old saying goes that the best defense is a strong offense and if past days are any indication, the Smooth campaign is now reaching deep into their offensive playbook. Citizen McCain's five point lead in the polls has evaporated as he finds himself on the receivin' end of a daily barrage of body blows challenging him on everything from his questionable economic aptitude to his willingness to allow his campaign to continue airing negative ads that are blatantly misleading.

You can't hit the dial these days without hearing Smooth or one of his surrogates lightin' a fire under Citizen's a$$ and it all seems to be workin' his last nerve. It's been a well known fact that Citizen could use a couple anger management classes to help keep him on an even keel, and to ol Ty's eye, it seems that's ultimately what this new offensive strategy is designed to do - wear him out, make him mad and give him the rope to hang his own campaign.

Citizen aside, I was also heartened by the fact that the Smooth campaign is also hot on the heels of all this impending GOP voter shenanigans, leaving no underhanded tactic unchallenged. On Monday I gave a holler about this madness going on in Michigan to use home foreclosure lists to mount voter challenges on election day. Now news has reached the basement that that ruckus is going to be challenged in court.

For the next Smooth offensive play I'd like to see them run the old 'Slot right hot, double shift, 44 50 IQ zero' on two, which translated for the fellas down at Winky's Corner Store means - get Sarah Palin back in front of the press (or Carly Fiorina for that matter...). In the meantime, you can find me down at Winky's takin' bets on the exact day that Citizen will go the hell off. Ol boy's already simmerin'.



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