Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rusty Steel Magnolia: Condi Rice Drops A Tear?

Wassup, Y'all!

Caught this piece yesterday while skimmin' news since it seemed completely out of character. Apparently in a new book titled, 'Angler' - a biography about Dick Cheney ('Angler' is his Secret Service code name. Who knew? I thought 'Buckshot' would have been more appropriate) a section relates to an incident where Donald Rumsfeld twice openly defied a request by Condoleeza Rice to attend her meeting to discuss how to handle the military tribunals that the Bush Administration was pushin' to try suspected terrorists being held at Guantanamo. According to the author, Condi-Girl got so upset at the slight and his open disregard for her position that she started crying...

Now we all know that when new books come out, there is invariably some new, salacious, never-before-heard tidbit that the publisher passes along to generate interest. A lot of times the information is discounted or discredited after a million copies fly off the shelves but you never know. Regardless, if it is true - do we really need to hear about the only female in a position of power in the Bush Administration crying? That's bush league - I'm sure most of the boyz in GW's administration have had their moments too (except Chaney - you actually need a working heart to feel the need to cry, y'all) - given the catastrophy with the 'War on Terror' and now, the implosion of the financial industry which will require a 'free market, no regulation' Republican Administration to preside over the largest government bailout of any industry in the nation's history. If GW's not cryin' over that it's only because he'll be out of office in 118 days and he'll be able to leave that foul mess to the poor sap headed in behind him. Wow - ol Ty is all for Smooth Barack but I have to admit, the next person in the Oval Office is gonna have about a millisecond long honeymoon before people start calling for his head - folks are hurtin' out here, jack. 'Course if Smooth gets in, the northsiders from that AP-Yahoo poll will chalk it up to his being an incompetent, lazy, boastful southsider who's not trying hard enough, but I think we all agree that any conversation that includes those adjectives begins and ends with GW.

So, to this nonsense about Condi-Girl droppin' a tear when going up against the good ol boys ol Ty says, 'So'? If they didn't care about the feelings of the nation, she had to know that they certainly weren't carin' about hers, but regardless I gotta give her a snap up for at least feeling so passionately about the issue that it got to that point. I know one shorty who's gonna be on the beach for about a year when they finally turn the lights out on GW's ill-advised tenure - no doubt.



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