Thursday, September 25, 2008

Walk, Chew Gum, Debate

Wassup, Y'all!

Wow. What's it like to be Smooth Barack and have to continually deal with extraordinary political maneuvering by opponents? I thought we'd seen the kitchen sink in the Democratic Primary when Sister Hillary threatened to hijack the process when her focus suddenly went from earned delegates to 'will of the people' in order to seize the nomination through the backdoor. Now, at the eleventh hour before the first presidential debate, we have Citizen McCain planning to blow off the debate under the guise of 'puttin' country first' as he rides to the rescue of an economic deal that's already mostly put together...

I'm happy to see that polls show that more than 80% of the people footing this economic bailout bill want to see the debate go on, I'm happy to see that the Commission on Presidential Debates wants to see the debate go on, I'm happy to see that Smooth Barack wants the debate to go and finally, I'm happy to see that the reaction to Citizen's hasty move is that rather than it being 'presidential' and 'putting country first' the move smacks of desperation and political gamesmanship. I also heard some chicken cluckin' goin' on from a couple shortys I know so y'all can draw your own conclusions on that.

Just based on the two news conferences given yesterday by Smooth and Citizen, you have to think that an event that has both men standing and talking side by side will not go well for Citizen just on appearance alone. But moving beyond the superficial, Smooth looked, well...smooth, making his statement and then taking questions from the press - something both Citizen and Say-Pay seem allergic to. It looked like a White House press conference without the White House press room backdrop. Ol boy was pointin' to reporters, answering questions and staying cool and steady under fire. He was also the candidate that dropped the best line yesterday when he pointed out that Americans expect their presidents to be able to multi-task and focus on more than one thing at a time. Like Iraq *and* Afghanistan. Like the economy *and* national security. Y'all get where I'm comin' from.

Hopefully the debate will go on (though it doesn't seem likely) and there won't be a delay in the VP debate as well as we all want to see Say-Pay show her presidential qualities since everyone's insisting that she has them. As I've said from the beginning of the race - you can't say that this joint is dull. This joint has more twists and turns than '24'.



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