Thursday, January 27, 2005

Mortgage Redlining on Wisteria Lane?

Wassup, Y'all!

You know old Tyrone will admit to tuning into ABC's runaway hit Desperate Housewives from time to time (mainly to see how the other side lives, ya'll) and, don't get me wrong, the show does feature a stable of fine shorties - Eva Longoria, Terrie Hatcher and T.O.'s girl Nicollette Sheridan in particular, but come on now - where are the black folks on Wisteria Lane? I'm thinking there may be a little redlining going on to skew the demographic... (Side Note: where've I been with this Eva Longoria? Old girl is registering a strong 8 on the Daaamn Meter - how'd N'Sync'er JC Chasez manage to pull that? Maestro - cue up a glossy for the people...)

Eva Longoria

Man, even the Huxtables invited a token white family over from time to time! Maa fact, so did the Jeffersons and the Evans family (Good Times, y'all), but I have yet to see a little contrast on Wisteria Lane, y'all (outside of old school Richard Roundtree who was just there to whack Edie - see what I'm saying?) . I have to admit though, I like the twist they threw in with the only Hispanic family on the block having a white landscaper - hopefully they'll pull that joint again on the George Lopez show - just a little change up to get folks thinking - that's all I'm asking, y'all.

So I forwarded my casting wish list to my LA contact Gin Fizz. G. Fizzle tells me he runs in the same circles as the Desperate Housewives casting director (or the cast caterer - one of those two...). ABC, you want ratings? Move Vanessa Williams or Tyra Banks in across the street from Bree Van De Kamp's crib. They don't have to be included in the clique (the horror!) - just have them stop in from time to time. Better yet, really mix things up and bring in a hoochie to compete with Nicollette. Can't you see Vivica Fox in that role, y'all? All she has to do is dust off that rump shaker role she played in Independence Day.

Check it out - here's the scene: It's Tyra's second day on Wisteria Lane and all of the Desperate Husbands sneak over in the morning while she's getting ready for work. A quick peek in the window reveals

Wisteria Lane's Newest Neighbor?

and hijinx ensue. Come on ABC - do I have to do everything? Get in the game, homeys!



P.S. Ms. Banks remains the only shorty to register an unheard of 10 on the Daaamn Meter (as in Daaaaaaaaaamn, y'all!)

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