Monday, June 27, 2005

Axe: The Pipe Layer's Bodywash...

Wassup, Y'all!

Lately I've been cracking up at Unilever's ad campaign for their flagship Axe line of bath and deodorant products pour homme. The central premise is that use of their product leads to the Axe Effect, a supercharged, pheromonal experience that will leave the shortys weak with desire and at the mercy of the uncontrollable urge to get next to you. As a guy, I'd have to say this campaign is pretty appealing especially if just taking a shower with the stuff can get the sexy shorty in the apartment under yours to grind on your (water) pipe (what other pipe did you think I was typing about, player??)...

These ads are all over the joint now. I've caught a couple that now use the tag line: 'How dirty boys get clean'. Let me just go ahead and give the creative ad agencies behind this two snaps up for getting right to the heart of why guys bother to get clean in the first place. Another ad has a homey riding behind his girl on a bicycle built for two and spending his ride admiring her trunk junk. Now a homey could exercise like that all day, y'all. With flow like this is it any wonder that Axe is sponsoring FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World contest? I think not. It's brilliant!

And speaking of brilliant - I've got to give at least a 'wooooo' to their subtle print campaign that features the bare backs of sexy shortys with cute little imprints on them that drop a clue as to where they've been getting busy with their Axe wearing men (all playing to the tag line: 'It can happen anywhere'...). To wit, the glossy on the right that shows a sexy shorty with an imprint of elevator buttons down her back (I have to admit it took me a couple seconds to figure out the connection...). Ha! That's good stuff, y'all. The other print ad I saw had a sexy shorty with an imprint of a steering wheel on her back. Go 'head, Axe! What's next - a washing machine dial? Kitchen cutting board?
The possibilities are endless...

If nothing else I'm going to have to go by the store and at least sniff a bottle to see what's up. If it leads to a sexy shorty ending up with cash register button imprints on her back, that'll probably get me to buy a bottle or two... ;-)



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