Friday, June 17, 2005

Kerry (Washington) is so very...

Wassup, Y'all!

The word to finish that thought is HOT...I finally caught Mrs. Ray Charles in Mr. & Mrs. Smith yesterday (3 Spinners, y'all - go peep that joint...) and after seeing her in Ray and again in this movie, I've determined that I just like looking at her. So a quick peep online to dig up some actual factuals on old girl reveal that I won't have long to wait to see her light up the screen again...

As luck would have it, Kerry (yes, that's right. Me dropping the duckets to see her in *two* movies gives me first name privileges..) has also swooped the Alicia Masters role in the upcoming Fantastic Four. This role should stretch her range as all comic connoisseurs know, in FF Alicia is a blond, northside, blind shorty that kicks it with a orange, rocky guy known as The Thing. Hmmm, sounds a little kinky and perhaps a role better suited for her freakarific M&M Smith co-star Angelina Jolie.

I have to admit y'all, the camera *loves* that chick and she was smokin' in M&M Smith. All that hype about her chemistry with Brad Pitt is pretty much on the money and a brother can see how she could just pretty much blink and blow Jennifer Anniston out the box. Although M&M Smith was trying to figure out if it wanted to be an action flick or a romantic comedy - A. Jolie's hotness jacked my Spinner rating up from 2.5 to 3 (for those counting she also rocked a 9.5 on the Shorty Damn Meter)

Which brings me to my final point. I do so tire of hearing shortys spout that consistent jibber-jabber about how 'bad boys' are so sexy. Northside shortys refer to them as 'bad boys', the southside shortys refer to them as 'thugs' or 'soldiers'. After vibing on A. Jolie's pedigree (her fondness for knives & tattoos, carrying Billy Bob's blood around in a necklace, yada, yada) and seeing how well she cleans up, a brother could do worse than to kick it with her bad girl behind. I'm seeing the appeal of the dark side, y'all. And sure, later on I may find myself burnt up with no legs and have to use a black helmet to breath but if it can work out in the end for Darth Vader, it can sure work out for old Tyrone. Now if I can just get those digits...



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