Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Shorty Sayings We LOVE To Hear

Wassup, Y'all!

I keep a pretty good rotation of magazines in the crib - some for show (Newsweek, Business Week, Jet) - other for conversation (Maxim, FHM, King) - still others for their abundance of good info (Men's Health, Cargo, GQ). I'm a little backlogged so I'm just getting through the May 2005 issue of Men's Health and bumped up on the results of an intriguing survey. It seems 377 homeboys logged into MensHealth.com to answer the following question:

"What's the sexiest thing a woman ever said to you?".

What followed seemed to flow straight from the pages of Penthouse Forum...

Men's Health's tagline is: "Tons of useful stuff" and that's no lie. You can easily spend an hour or more perusing that bad boy's selection of gadget, sex, clothing, food and health tips. I like mags like that (and kudos to Cargo mag which is similar - less health, more gadgets - for getting smart and including a free page of stickers to use to mark pages that you want to go back to!!) - one's that are good and good for you. Anyway, they broke off the top 24 shorty sayings, but I'll just summarize my Top Ten to encourage you to go peep the magazine at your leisure. All 24 sexy pearls were *hot* and might have a weak hearted homeboy fainting dead away if uttered by the shorty of his desire (I've posted a glossy of Tyra Banks since she's mine...until Rosario files a different flight plan...). Here we go, y'all:

Tyrone's Top Ten Sexy Shorty Sayings (courtesy of Men's Health Magazine)

10) I'm going to get naked now. Any questions?
9) I'm feeling dirty. I think I'll take a shower.
8) I'll make your bed spin
7) I would feel so safe lying beneath you
6) Take off your clothes and turn on the music
5) Sit back, close your eyes, and let me do everything.
4) You can have me now or have me later, but you are going to have me
3) You're my daddy
2) The sound of your voice makes my nipples hard
1) On the freeway: Have you ever gotten head at 100 miles an hour?

Wooooooo. I got to hand it to this selection of shortys - very creative and very hot. Look for those keywords when sorting through your shorty resumes, fellas. I doubt they'll steer you wrong...



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