Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Gabrielle: A More Perfect Union...

Wassup, Y'all!

Just as I was coming to grips with the sad fact that I'll be missing my weekly dose of Garcelle Beauvais this fall (because ABC canceled my show 'Eyes') a quick peep at ABC's fall schedule reveals a worthy replacement shorty warming up in the wings. It turns out that not only is ABC reworking one of my favorite back-in-the-day shows - Night Stalker - they've had the good sense to include a sexy shorty in the cast to help pull in the wavering south side demographic. Enter stone hottie Gabrielle Union sliding back to the small screen after a critical beat down in that whack Honeymooners remake (didn't I tell y'all? But noooo - nobody listens to old Tyrone)...

Though Gabby's rocking a solid 8.3 on the Shorty Damn Meter, I'm still not sure I'm buying her complete package. Seems to me she projects a lot of that 'get out my face' vibe so evident in some of her characters like old girl from "Bring it On" and old girl from "Deliver us From Eva". You know - that evil south side shorty who's always player hatin' or blocking for her girls. She denys that she's anything but sweetness and light in the July issue of Ebony but I'll have to sample the experience firsthand (once Chris Howard - her former NFL playing husband - stops blocking, that is...) to believe it.

Anyway, there's no doubt Gabby's all over the urban dial these days due to the Honeymooners PR tour but as glad as I'll be to see her popping up regularly this fall, I'm looking forward to seeing how they hook up Night Stalker. For those uninformed readers, the back-in-the-day Night Stalker followed the life of a Cali newspaper reporter - Carl Kolchak - who always seemed to wind up covering stories that ended up related to paranormal happenings. Think The X-Files with a reporter running the show instead of FBI agents and instead of aliens to creep you out, they keep to the more mundane horrors like vampire or werewolf serial killers. Those creepy joints are always good for getting the shorty on the other side of the couch to ease on over to your side (which kinda makes the show a drama *and* a Public Service spot).

So things aren't looking so bad after all, y'all. I'm building up a little enthusiam for the fall TV season. And Gabby? Just one bit of advice for you as you lick your wounds from The Honeymooners, homegirl... When you hit the small screen this fall - Bring It! (cuz I'm tired of my shows getting canceled!!)



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