Monday, June 13, 2005

Destiny's Child: First 'The Fall' now 'The Split'

Wassup, Y'all!

Wow - kinda unfortunate the M-Jack verdict came down today - with all hysterical hubbub drowning out the blogosphere, the news that sassy shorty trio Destiny's Child is calling it quits *almost* passed me by! I'm sure in the days to come the dazzling divas will get their due on the high profile blogs but tonight, a fitting Malone Zone send off will have to do...

Man, I remember it just like it was yesterday that Kelly and Beyonce were kicking out members and gluing in new ones. Who can forget 'The Fall' on 106 & Park, when Michelle hit the stage like a ton a bricks while her girls Kelly and Beyonce just looked at her and kept on dancing. The show must go on y'all. And I was *just* getting over the demise of those funky En Vogue divas... I wonder who will rise up to fill the void? A homeboy can only take those roughneck hip hop divas for so long you know...

What the Phunk?...Finally swooped the new Black Eyed Peas joint Monkey Business and that joint is off the hook. I'm moving most of those cuts into the Hoopty Rotation. I'm not sure if it's the off the wall, unique sound that crew has or me just visualizing Fergie in any of their videos that makes the music that much more appealing. Anyway, old girl is doing her thing and I'm pumping her in Stery-ery-ery-ery-eryo. How'd those knuckleheads ever get along with out her?

MZ crack backs...before I go, I'd be remiss if I didn't drop a couple Malone Zone crack backs. First, the 'stunning surprise' that The Chosen One - Kellen Winslow, Jr. is out for the season (old news) and Cleveland will be looking to get some of it's loot back (inevitable news). To that I can only quote my girl Pheebs and drop a patented: hahahahaha Hopefully, this will be the last we'll hear of big money athletes indulging in whatever they please despite the risks (Ricky Williams excluded - Ricky, pass the Dutchie, homeboy!)

Lastly, tough break for Tyson Beckford, who taking a page out of DMX's driving handbook, cracked his hoopty up on a utility pole. Actually his deal was a little more serious than DMX getting into a fender bender with a police car - Tyson's joint actually caught fire. Anyway, I guess old boy's X'ed out of the Tyrese Gibson role when they cast The Fast and The Furious 3. Dang - I was looking forward to that joint too...



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