Tuesday, June 24, 2008

'Chelle Obama Makin' 'Rack Fashion' Look Good

Wassup, Y'all!

Man, I cracked up today when I started readin' about how the dress that 'Chelle wore on The View last week (time tip - you can either hit that last link to watch the whole show if you haven't seen it yet or catch the commentary on it from this very good live blog of the show) is 'flyin' of the racks. You shortys are a trip with that but I have to admit that 'Chelle seems to be uppin' the game when it comes to puttin' the hurtin' on fly fashions. My boy D-Splash over on The Dark Stuff was the first I saw to type up the sentiment that if Smooth seals the deal, that there's going to be a new era in First Ladyship, literally and figuratively.

Apparently, in contrast to many shortys under the glare of spotlights, 'Chelle choose to wear a nice black and white summer dress designed by New York designer Donna Ricco. The joint sells for $99 on her website and 'Chelle picked her joint up for $149 at the White House Black Market store for $50 more. First, I guess there's a reason why the phrase 'Black Market' is in that store title. What's up with the extra fiddy markup? Second, I guess 'Chelle is tryin' to send a message by shoppin at a joint with 'White House' in the title. And third, man talk about a happy circumstance for Don-Ric. Since the show the dress has been sellin' out of the White House Black Market stores and she's tryin' to fill an order for 3,000 more...

It also seems that the fashion fun hasn't been just contained to the shorty side of the Obama household. Donatella Versace has dropped her Spring-Summer '09 collection in Milan which she says is inspired by (more likely dedicated to since I'm not seeing anything in the line that Smooth could wear on the southside) Smooth. Donatella says her new line (which I'm callin' Spring/Summer Smoothwear) is designed for "a relaxed man who doesn't need to flex muscles to show he has power." You know it won't be more than a Chicago minute before the homeys are hawkin' Smoothwear knockoffs on southside. Of course there's one Smooth look we can do a little less of - that Urkel inspired summer biking outfit. Errbody knows you don't go bikin' with a polo tucked in. It's just not done on the southside. You also never leave the crib without some spinnin' rims on your two-wheeler. Dang, Smooth! But since Smooth's my boy, ol Ty can forgive his occasional fashion faux pas.

In the meantime, I'm tryin' to get mama's old sewin' machine workin' since I have a couple dress design thoughts that I plan to run by 'Chelle when she gets back to Chicago. One's a little leather number with a tasteful side slit and the other is a low cut lemon chiffon cotton frock that just says fun and sassy. I'll let y'all know how it goes after my people reach out to her people.



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