Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Yo Mookie! Rosie Perez is heading to TV

Wassup, Y'all!

Man, even Stevie Wonder was impressed by Rosie Perez's opening scene in Spike Lee's 'Do The Right Thing' back in the day. Playin' Tina to Spike's pizza deliverin' Mookie, our first view of Rosie in her breakout movie role was that of Mookie cooling off Tina during a sweltering Brooklyn summer by running an ice cube across her breasts. That was cinematic art at it's best, y'all.

Through the years, Rosie has moved on to roles both big and small on the big screen, small screen and stage. Ol Ty caught her a few years back on Broadway when she was playing a paraplegic named Pooty in 'Reckless' with Mary-Louise Parker (who remains a trip on that Showtime joint Weeds). Whether she was gettin' iced down by Spike or going straight to DVD with John Leguizamo and Tyrese in 'The Take' one thing about Rosie has remained exactly the same - her thick, Brooklyn accent, Moooookie....

Now some folks find it annoying but I think Rosie and Ana Ortiz, who plays Hilda Suarez on Ugly Betty, pull it off kinda classy. Fran Drescher with that nasal twang? Not so much. Anyway, word has it that Rosie will be back on the small screen (or big screen for y'all who drop by to watch this joint we me on mama's 42" plasma) this fall in Exit 19, a cop show with Geena Davis.

Critics are already focusing on the insane height difference between the two with Rosie clockin' in at just over 5 feet and Geena rockin' the party at an Amazon-like 6 feet. To that, ol Ty has this to say to the critics, 'Quit hatin''. Y'all know damn well that Tom Cruise can't be any taller than 4' 5" and he's an action movie star. Personally, I'm liking the symmetry and given Geena's cold killer moves in 'The Long Kiss Good Night' where she played the original Charly Baltimore, an assassin with amnesia, I'm thinking Exit 19 will either be good or extraordinarily whack. There's no middle ground for a joint like this.

Should be interesting to see how it plays out though. I'll keep y'all posted as the fall TV season nears.



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