Monday, June 02, 2008

On The Brink of History

Wassup, Y'all!

First a couple housekeeping points. A moment of silence please for musical homey Bo Diddley who gave up the ghost today. That was a brother with a cool name and a cool beat who hailed from my boy Top Cat's Shorty Supreme's hometown of McComb, MS. Reading about Bo-Did, there's no doubt the term 'pioneer' certainly applies.

Second, my bad on late post today! I know my early morning coffee drinkers like to get their day started off right. Ol Ty was road-trippin' over the weekend and clocked about 16 hours of hoopty time in an effort to help out the Secret Service advance team who's making sure that everything is copasetic in MN tomorrow for Smooth Barack's final primary speech at the Xcel Energy Center (homebase for the September Republican National Convention). Yes, y'all - my work is never done.

Now if this was an old time TV program like 'The Lone Ranger', the Ranger's home slice Tonto would be off his horse with his ear to the ground talkin' 'bout - 'Umm, something up, Kemosabe'. Ol Ty would have to agree as it appears that this week will see the first presumptive southside nominee for President of the United States in American history...

That bogus a$$ stereo-typical portray of a Native American aside, I was a little apprehensive with how Sister Hillary would bring her show to a close. Option #1 - the sensible approach - bow out gracefully and join forces with Smooth Barack to beat the Republicans in the fall or Option #2 - press her claim on the nomination all the way to the convention and be like James Cagney in 'White Heat' - gettin' shot down in the rafters by a police sharp shooter but still managing to screamin' out 'I made it Ma! Top of world!' just before detonating a bomb and blowin' herself up in the Pepsi Center.

Thankfully signs are pointing to an Option #1 ending (finally) making both Smooth's and Sister Hillary's speeches must see TV tomorrow night. Chances are that neither will declare victory or concede defeat respectively but it sounds like groundwork is being laid for the two to be in the same place at the same time to finally begin consolidating their Jedi Armies for the coming battle against the formidable forces of the Dark Side.

I decided to throw up a quick glossy of Citizen McCain to let folks know who we're up against. It's not gonna be easy, y'all, but I'm glad to see that the Dems are about ready to say, 'Game On'!



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