Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sister Hillary makes a run for the rafters

Wassup, Y'all!

Damn. I'll admit it. I was drinkin' that Clinton concession Kool-aid and sat through Sister Hillary's defiant, non-gracious, non-conciliatory speech with my mouth on the floor wondering how one person can be so completely consumed by her own ambition. The numbers were in, Smooth had crossed the magic threshold and just when you expected the party to finally close ranks, Sister Hillary concocted some strange Option #3 (see Monday's post for Options #1 and #2) which has homegirl heading for the rafters with a detonator in her hand and asking her supporters to write in and tell her what she should do. What kind of bull%#@% is that??

What's clear to me after tonight that Sister Hillary is all about self. Her speech was a clear power play designed to give her the maximum leverage to call shots from now until the convention. I'll tell y'all what though - ol Ty ain't even feelin' having homegirl added to the ticket. Hit me after to jump so I can drop some actual factuals that show how Sister Hillary's speech was all about me and how Smooth's was all about we...

Ol Ty had his fact checkers down at Winky's Corner Store analyze both speeches tonight to see how frequently each used the words 'I', 'We' and their opponent's name. It's not hard to see how the numbers broke down.

Sister Hillary in her 2,246 word speech said 'I' 60 times, 'We' 24 times and mentioned Smooth twice. Smooth Barack in his 2,483 word speech said 'I' 20 times, 'We' 34 times and mentioned Sister Hillary six times. It really is all about me when it comes to Sister Hillary. She must get really tired carrying that massive ego around everywhere she goes.

I'm looking for a superdelegate smack down either today or tomorrow to short-circuit any planned convention shenanigans, but why should it even have to come to that? Ol Ty was all set to let bygones be bygones with Camp Clinton but after that in-your-face jibber-jabber on a night that should have clearly been Smooth's I ain't got a bit of love left.

I'll leave y'all with a little paraphrasing from that same Cagney movie 'White Heat' that saw him intentionally blowing his a$$ up at the end - 'Hillary Clinton. Finally made it to the top of the world and it blew up right in her face'. I guess I just need a little time with my close advisors and input from my readers to get a better perspective on things. What do you think, y'all? Should I stay mad at homegirl? Write me at and help me make up my own damn mind.



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