Thursday, June 05, 2008

Smooth & 'Chelle's Dap Playing Big

Wassup, Y'all!

Before I get to today's post, ol Ty would like to take just a moment to take credit for finally pushin' Sister Hillary out of the race. My hard hittin' post yesterday clearly got read by many democratic party heavy hitters, who in turn then delivered the message to SH. I may have to fall through ol girl's Saturday concession speech to grab some eats and to make sure he doesn't cause anymore drama by fainting at the podium or claiming she's carrying Smooth's baby or some similar type of ruckus. If there was ever someone who deserved the old Apollo theater hook, it's SH.

Now, while monitorin' the news wires here in the basement, I've noticed a definite, near universal appreciation of the dap that Smooth Barack and 'Chelle shared at the Xcel Energy Center Tuesday night just before he claimed the nomination. While some of my northside homeys weren't quite clear on what to call it, they recognized the gesture as a true example of the love and respect Smooth and 'Chelle have for each other. Michael Shaw in the Huffingtonpost marveled at how the two could remain so seemingly relaxed at such a huge moment that Smooth later admitted left him 'humbled'....

Ol Ty has to admit, those two are a telegenic couple and their love for each other comes across as deep rooted and completely genuine every time you seem them together. They seem to have a true marriage where each is the other's completely trusted partner. I submit that it's 'Chelle who's helping to keep Smooth relaxed and confident in the midst of all the chaos that swirls around him daily. He has no closer confidant and he knows that she's got his back regardless.

The other glossy I caught yesterday that I like equally as much is this one with Smooth clownin' with this daughters (who I'm dubbing 'The Smooth Girls' - though Smooth has taken to callin' little Sasha 'Cool Breeze') at a campaign stop earlier this year. If the Obamas don't embody all the qualities of the 'All-American' family I don't know who does. So as Smooth begins to draw distinct differences between he and Citizen McCain - this is yet another one to draw on. Everyone gets family. Everyone gets countin' on your boo to be the bedrock of your life.

So I'm expectin' the shorty voting contingent to eventually move over to the Smooth camp after the sting of SH's narrow loss has been digested. I also expect that Smooth will be able to easily become the family values candidate as there seem to be some suspect shenanigans in Citizen McCain's marital past. So if Repubs want to be seen as consistent vs. hypocritical with their family values stance, I'd expect more than a few of them to be crossing over this fall.

Finally, let me just say that 'Chelle was KILLIN' that purple dress Tuesday night. I'm just sayin'...



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