Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ty's Fly 500

Wassup, Y'all!

Big day today, y'all so ol Ty is goin' a little personal (since just like T.O. 'I love me some me'). Yesterday, I crossed the 500 post mark, just one month short of four years in the bloggin' biz. That anniversary drops July 22nd and, yes, I will be acceptin' cards, cash and letters addressed to the basement. I know some bloggers out there will be all like '500 posts in four years? Dude, I put out 500 posts every four months! Get out of the passin' lane, Grandpa'. Yes, it's true that a lot of blogger crank out more posts (and a lot of bloggers crank out a lot less) but ol Ty has always preferred quality over quantity and the tortoise approach of slow and steady. From my first post to this one, a couple things have remained oddly consistent...

The first thing is my appreciation of politics. A few of my more recent readers will think that's all I'm about since I've been laying it on hot and heavy but you'll notice that my early posts reveal that I'm not a Tyrone Come Lately when it comes to Smooth Barack. I've been jockin' homey since he was runnin' for the Senate and no one knew who he was until the 2004 Democratic Convention. Smooth's my boy and I fully expect a laptop in the West Wing basement when he brings it home in November.

If you sift through some of those early posts you'll also discover that I was all about objectifyin' the foine shortys out there. That approach was leveragin' the time proven axiom that 'Sex Sells'. Truthfully I wasn't even thinkin' that deep - I just liked lookin' at the foine shortys. I still do but I've toned that ruckus down to out of respect for my shorty readers out there who would be within their rights to demand equal opportunity under the law and I just couldn't handle postin' on some half clothed homeys. That's just wrong - though I did do it on one occasion (but you see I couldn't help but cut that post with a little shorty hotness. Hey, I never said ol Ty wasn't triflin'...) . I'm still trying to wash my laptop off of that one. Yeah, I'm on the Objectifyin' Wagon though sometimes I still fall off...

Though my post themes invariably come back to politics by way of Smooth, ol Ty is most proud of the wide variety of topics he's touched on over the years. Funny stuff, deep stuff, political stuff, entertainment, sports, technology - search and ye shall find. Ol Ty's not a one trick pony, y'all. His game is deep. So from time to time when a brother finds it hard to pull his rusty butt out of bed and drop a post, y'all can always keep yourselves company by hitting the archives (right sidebar) and dishin' up a little self-serve. I'm sure there's something there you haven't read yet and y'all already recognize that my stuff stays fresh regardless of the year.

Thanks for the peeps and the shoutouts during the run to 500. I've got more in store. I won't leave you hangin' ('specially with the election comin' up!). Holler!



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