Friday, June 13, 2008

The Whitey Tape is real!

Wassup, Y'all!

That's right, y'all I've seen the infamous Whitey tape. Matter of fact there's more than one and I've been checkin' those joints out on TVLand since the story broke on the Internet. Seek and ye shall find - that's what ol Ty always says. And Whitey's backstory? Man, it's sad, y'all. Real sad. Whitey's life started out okay, but eventually Whitey turned to drugs and became a junkie. Later in life, with Whitey's body weakened from a hepatitis C infection, he went into a coma and was finally removed from life support in September '03 after undergoing hernia surgery. That, basement dwellers, is the sad saga of ol Whitey.

Note that nowhere in that description did the name 'Chelle Obama ever come up and I know that's a problem for that large number of numbskulls who'll believe anything they see that attempts to damage a person that they can't stand. It's sad that anyone has to put together a website to refute such jibber-jabber. Sadder still that despite doing so, it won't make a difference for those mental midgets - hold up - that's wrong to even associate those fools with my little people homeys - who will be going to their graves clinging to these myths. What's most sad though is the proven fact that if you don't come out and address even the most outrageous lie, it will catch fire, people will begin believing it and next thing you know, you've lost an election because of it. That's a powerful phenomenon which to ol Ty seems to encourage folks to just throw out any old kind of bull$*&t to see if it can cause a ruckus....

How'd we even get to this point where someone can say anything and it becomes the truth? Losing an election because of it is jacked up but it pales in comparison to losing your life. It's the easiest thing for a student who doesn't like a teacher to say the teacher fondled him or her. It's her word against his and a situation that can quickly lead to loss of job, reputation, family and, in some cases, your life.

Try being a southside homey in the Jim Crow south back in the day. Any northside shorty could say a homey looked at her the wrong way, spoke to her out of school, touched her, raped her, whatever. The end result. Homey would be strange fruit down by the river before the sun went down. Now in the Internet age all it takes is a knucklehead with a laptop, a public library Wi-Fi connection and an aspiration to be irresponsible to start a firestorm.

Thankfully there are sites you can go to to get the straight skinny. As I mentioned before, you can always go to a candidate's website to check facts. You can also go to an independent operators like (politics) or (every crazy thing you've ever heard) to get unbiased actual factuals. Wherever you go, just go -BEFORE you take any third-party info you receive as the gospel and definitely before you hit the 'send' button to forward it on to everyone you know. Crow leaves a bitter aftertaste, y'all.

Rest In Peace, Whitey.



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