Monday, June 23, 2008

Naomi Campbell: God Don't Like Ugly

Wassup, Y'all!

You have to wonder what it is with this chick. In the wake of news of her recent 200 hour community service charge and accompanying $4,600 fine for assaulting two police officers ol Ty is wonderin' how this serial abuser continues to avoid actual jail time for her bad girl behavior? I don't think a month has gone by without some story about this Diva Di-vah goin' ballistic on someone...hotel staff, domestic staff, handlers, makeup staff, her mama, pre-school kidz - y'all get the picture.

Her most recent dustup involved lost luggage and an obligatory racism claim designed to deflect attention away from abusive behavior dished out by a pampered woman with anger management issues and no self control. According to court testimony, when informed of her missing bag (by the airline captain himself) Nightstick Naomi,"... became enraged and issued orders to someone on her mobile: "They have lost my fucking bags, get me another flight, get the press, get me my lawyer." She then turned to the captain and barked: "Bring me my fucking bags now!"

According to Nightstick, "I was called a racial name on that [British Airways] flight". Since when does 'spoiled bit#h' constitute a racial slur? Yes, it's a little tacky, but if the shoe fits... And strangely, the victims assaulted didn't even work for British Airways. They were airport PoPos just tryin' to escort her scene makin' a$$ off the flight.

I can understand a legal system handing out these types of community service gigs to serial drug abusers since that's a 'victim-less crime', but Nightstick's shenanigans always involved her clockin' someone else either with her hands or the nearest throwable object. Yes, she's once, twice, three times a felon, y'all. Ol girl needs to do a little prancin' down the catwalk in HMP Belmarsh down in south-east London. I know that's a men's facility, y'all but clearly Nightstick knows how to handle herself.

It's time for some tough love for ol girl cuz it's all funny until she puts someone eye out. Her bud has passed the nippin' stage.



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