Wednesday, January 12, 2005

And the survey WMDs!

Wassup, Y'all!

I'm still getting over the shock. With GW and the Boyz (aka the Bush Administation) absolutely convinced that Silly Saddam had stashed WMDs all over Iraq, can it be possible that they finally admitted that the search is over and that they made the whole thing up after a crazy night of crack smoking?...

Yes it can, but the point is
moot now , y'all. The second Bush Inaugural party planning is in full swing, everyone is dying to see who the twins will be wearing at the Inaugural balls, 9844+ of our service men and women have been wounded in Iraq, 1,344 service men and women have been killed since GW's declaration of the end of major combat operations, 1, 517 and counting since the beginning of the war. Wonder if any of their parents, husbands, wives or children will get an invite to the Inauguration festivities? Should be a great party, y'all! Shame, shame.

Riddle me this, Bat Man - why should we believe anything else GW and the Boyz have to say? The Iraqi elections will be credible, we can shrink the deficit by 50% in five years, I earned political capital, I really am the twins' father... I'm dubious, y'all. Hail to the Thief - Chicken Little of the new Millienium.

In other heinous news, Bliggity Blackwell dropped his 2005 Worst Dressed List and had the nerve to include our girl Serena Williams! Come on now! I personally saw some Paris photos of Serena taken over last summer that registered an 8 'a' on the Damn Meter (as in Daaaaaaaamn). Can't even post those glossies on this PG-13 site, y'all but let me just say - oooo la la! Bliggity, get a clue baby (although I can't say I disagree with the rest of your choices)! I post the following Serena glossy just to show you her fine fashion sense. Okay, old girl is looking a little shiny but all that means is that she's ash free, y'all. Besides, how you gonna hate on that outfit?

Serena Williams

How is it trashy mama Lil' Kim missed the list again this year?

Lil Kim

Oh yeah...that's right - my bad.



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