Sunday, January 23, 2005

The One The Drop Squad Missed...

Wassup, Y'all!

Back in 1994, David C. Johnson directed a small cult flick called Drop Squad - a movie (or at least a concept) that I like to refer to frequently. If you go to IMDB you'll see the following plot summary: "Political satire about an underground militant group that kidnaps African-Americans who have sold out their race." There are still a few fugitives at large from the Drop Squad, none bigger than retiring University of California regent Ward Connerly who's proved more elusive than Houdini (the magician not the group)...

The following political cartoon from The Black Commentator sums it up nicely.

After serving 12 years as a regent, single handedly rolling back the Univerity of California's affirmative action system, then spearheading California's controversial state ballot initiative - Proposition 209 - doing the same thing to California's public hiring, contracting and education programs, his term as regent has FINALLY come to an end. Man - what ever happened to the 8 year rule like GW has to live with? Anyway, y'all know Big Con couldn't go out quietly after all those shenanigans - no y'all, he had to make sure he left a little somethin' somethin on the minds of the regents he's leaving behind, to wit:

"There will be a great temptation ... for you to relax your attitude about the use of race. For God's sake, don't do it." - Big Con

Yo Big Con - shut up and go already, homey! Unfortunately it's already clear that Big Con won't be chillin' in a Florida retirement home. He's dead set on bringing his traveling roadshow to the University of Michigan and the state of Michigan like the snake oil salesman he is. So seeing as how the Drop Squad needs our help, y'all, I'm implementing the Tom Alert based on the patented Amber Alert system that is working so well. If y'all see Big Con skulking around your spot, drop a dime and give a holler. Here's a recent glossy of Big Con to carry with you.

Ward "Big Con" Connerly

If you spot him, don't try to reprogram him yourself, y'all (he may just reprogram you!) - just stay a safe distance away and tip the Drop Squad.



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