Sunday, January 09, 2005

Hey - Where's Limbaugh's Check?

Wassup, Y'all?

You had to know it was going on, now news breaks Friday confirming the fact that the Bush Administration (heretofore referred to as GW and the Boyz) paid tall cheddar to a conservative TV commentator to prop GW's whack "No Child Left Behind" program. Of all the conservative commentators getting direct deposits from GW and the boyz how is it that it's always the brother that gets outed?...

Yes, that's right, y'all. Brother Armstrong Williams' Tom Foolery has finally caught up with him. In case y'all aren't familiar with brother Armstrong you need to look no further than our favorite Supreme Court Justice Uncle Clarence Thomas. Brother Armstrong was a former aide to Uncle Clarence and has parlayed his third generation Republican pedigree into a multi-media career which includes his own nationally syndicated TV show - The Armstrong Williams Show - as well as being a contributing columnist to a number of national newspapers. Think the black Rush Limbaugh, y'all (although Limburger probably thinks Williams' lofty perch in the conservative stratosphere was obtained by some level of "social concern" among the ruling order of conservative commentators). To get an inkling of where Brother Armstrong is coming from peep his defense of his former boss, Uncle Clarence from incoming Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's comment that Uncle Clarence was "an embarrasment to the Supreme Court". Hmmm, that sounds about right because as we all know, Uncle Clarence is no Thurgood Marshall, Senator! Anyway, now it turns out GW and the Boyz dropped $240K on Brother Armstrong to sing the praises of NCLB and pimp it to his black media brothers (Side Note: Steve Harvey - you dummy!) (Side Note 2: Like those cute red school houses attached to the entrance of the Education Department's doorways aren't enough to sell NCLB!) Expectantly contrite from such bamboozlement, we get the following quote from Williams as he was attempting to withdraw a little of his new walkin' around money from the ATM:

"I wouldn't do it again, and I learned from it." - Brother Armstrong

I'm feeling better about all this, y'all - how 'bout you?

In lighter news, the buzz continues to build for "The Fantastic Four" movie coming out this summer. Yes, y'all I'm a comic book fan but more importantly, I'm a Jessica Alba fan from time to time. So the least I can do is drop one dazzling glossy before I bounce. If you're interested in the movie, check out a seven minute, behind the scenes clip from Yahoo Movies. For those who can't seem to pry their eyes from said glossy, take solace in the fact that Lady Jessica has three movies due this year - F4, Sin City and Into the Blue. Should be a hot time in the city this summer, y'all.

Jessica Alba



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