Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Power of One

Wassup, Y'all!

Caught a matinee showing of Coach Carter today and though the subject matter is drastically different from Hotel Rwanda, both movies illustrate the power of one individual. First, y'all need to go see it as it imparts some relevant lessons which we tend to forget in the community. Yeah - it runs a little long but you ought to be able to sit your a** still for two hours. Like Bill Cosby said before every Fat Albert episode - if you're not careful, you just might learn something... Second, Ashanti was doing her thing, y'all. She was pretty good (although her role wasn't much of a stretch from how she actually rolls) so in honor of her performance, she moves into the Shorty of the Week slot. Actually, I think it's time to rename that title Shorty Spotlight as I haven't been too punctual with rotating new shorties in every week. My bad, y'all. For casual readers not familiar with the crown princess of Murder, Inc., here's a glossy to orient you.


Prior to the movie they dropped a trailer of Anthony Anderson's upcoming comedy King's Ransom and that joint looks pretty funny and features a smoking cast including Leila Arcieri (glossy enclosed as she's registering a solid 9 'a' on the Damn Meter), Kellita Smith, Nichole Ari Parker and Regina Hall (to name a few). Chances are good I'll be making that joint...

Leila Arcieri

From the We Knew It Was Coming File - GW and the Boyz absolved themselves of accountability for what's happened (and will happen) in Iraq and shifted it onto the folks who voted them back into office. That's cold, but clearly expected. According to GW, the 2004 election was an accountability moment with magical powers to shift blame... Whew - dodged that wonder I've been sleeping so well. Night, y'all.



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