Monday, January 17, 2005

Jamie vs. Leo - Uh Oh!

Wassup, Y'all!

I was glad to see Jamie Foxx get his props at the Golden Globes last night for his dead on portrayal of the late, great Ray Charles in Taylor Hackford's biopic Ray (especially since I've been proppin' him since my August 2nd '04 column), but all the fizz went out of my forty when Leonardo DiCaprio won the Golden Globe for Best Lead Actor in a Drama. Uh oh y'all, I'm smelling another Denzel / Kevin Spacey type show down at the Academy Awards this year and we all know how that turned out...

In case y'all aren't up on those actual factuals let me buff your memory. The year was 1999 and our boy Denzel Washington was up for Best Actor for his portrayal of Ruben 'Hurrican' Carter in the biopic Hurricane (uh oh). Nominated that same year was Kevin Spacey in the film American Beauty (the best thing about that joint was Annette Benning's boots knocking bedroom scene - woooo). The community was sure Denzel had a lock on the Oscar until....and the Oscar goes to -- Kevin Spacey! American Beauty!

Fred Sanford couldn't have put it better: Elizabeth - it's the big one! Denzel lost!!

Well the Golden Globes got an easy pass on controversy since Jamie and Leo were in separate categories - J. Foxx for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy and L. DiCap for Best Actor in a Drama. Since the Academy doesn't have a Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy category and assuming they both get nominated (I'd lay even money on that happening) they'll be competing head to head in the Best Lead Actor category. Looks like Blue States/Red States all over again, y'all. Now before I raise a call to arms I do need to go see L. DiCap in The Aviator and see what all the hollerin' is about. I'll post my views before the announcement of nominations next Tuesday (2/25). At any rate, since this year's Academy Awards host is Chris Rock, we can be sure any shenanigans will get called out as Chris knows how to bring the pain :-)

I did check out Million Dollar Baby (good flick - three Spinners, y'all) last night and Hillary Swank continues to do her thing. Her Golden Globe win was well deserved and I expect she'll be pulling in an Oscar nomination as well. Who knew Clint Eastwood was such a good filmmaker? Y'all better recognize - old boy is bringing it these days. Another good thing about Hillary (since she seems to gravitate toward the gritter roles) is that she cleans up very well. To wit, our closing glossy.

Hillary Swank

Behold the power of shampoo and make up :-)



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