Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Halle Gets a Nomination!

Wassup, Y'all!

Unfortunately, Halle Berry's nomination was the Razzie variety instead of the Academy variety. Man - how long's it been since Catwoman and folks are still hatin' on Halle. The Razzie panel must be 100% hetero female cuz I'm saying her outfit alone was worth an Academy Daaaaaaamn nomination

Just for old times sake, visit the glossy of her I posted in my July 23, 2004 column (where you can also get schooled on my patented Daamn Rating System) and check out a redux glossy right here, y'all.

Razzie Nominee Halle Berry

Come on now, Razzie voters! Get a clue! That's just straight hatin' without a license. Other notable Razzie nomination recipients include Vin Diesel (half a vote it you know what I'm saying), Shawn and Marlon Wayans (these boyz ought to get a Razzie Achievement Award named after them - maybe the Homey The Clown Award for weak a** acting!), our girl Condi Rice (for Farenheit 9/11, y'all - C. Rice: well deserved homegirl!) and Keenan Ivory Wayans got a well deserved director nod for White Chicks. Okay Razzie folks - you did get it mostly right.

Now moving on to the real deal, the Academy outdid themselves this year, y'all. Our boy Jamie Foxx got two nods - Supporting Actor for Collateral and Actor for Ray - more on this in a second. Easy Reader himself, Morgan Freeman got a Supporting Actor nod for Million Dollar Baby, my main man Don Cheadle FINALLY got an Actor nod for Hotel Rwanda (should have got a nod as Denzel's psychopathic homeboy Mouse in Devil In A Blue Dress...) and one of my Shorties on the Rise - Sophie Okonedo got a Supporting Actress nod for Hotel Rwanda. Shoot - that's five (nominations) on the black hand side, y'all - not counting Chris Rock as this year's host. Gonna be some fly hooptys rolling up to the red carpet this year, y'all and we know J. Foxx's after party is going to be the one to hit - forget that Governor's Ball nonsense. Chris and Jamie will probably have Joan Rivers out there rump shakin' (or Star Jones doing the old school Bertha Butt Boogie...)

Y'all will remember in my January 17, 2005 column I laid out my conspiracy theory on how the Best Actor voting is gonna go. Well the chess pieces are set, y'all. Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio and the surprise Don Cheadle all rubbin' elbows in the Best Actor Category. Y'all notice how J. Foxx also got that Supporting actor nod? That's the Academy's escape hatch to get some Oscars to both J. Foxx and Leo DiCap. DC's on the outside looking in but it'll be cool to see him listed as Academy Award Nominee in Oceans 13. Anyway, if that backdoor surprise occurs and Leo DiCap walks with the Best Actor Oscar after Jamie's performance in Ray, it's going to be Florence and Normandy all over again, y'all. Jamie's gonna have to get on TV and say: "Come on y'all - can't we all just get along?" I don't see it happenin' but it is LA....

Anyway, congrats to all the nominees and as for J. Foxx - Booty Call put me on notice, but it was his turn as the DJ at the Players Club that showed me that he'd ultimately be pulling in two Oscar nominations in one day. Sho you right.



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