Monday, January 03, 2005

Cheaters - The New Jerry Springer

Wassup, Y'all!

That's right - Uncle Tyrone is back from his holiday merriment! First on the real tip, I've got to take a moment to send my condolences and well wishes to the folks in Asia recently jacked up by the tsunami. Kudos to Sandra Bullock for droppin' $1 million duckets for the relief effort. Martha - we know your check is in the mail, girl - never had a might want to drop in about a million of those Persimmon Lemon Poppy Seed muffins too - folks are hungry! Man, that type of devastation is overwhelming anyway you slice it. Stay strong y'all!

Now on to the subject of this blog. You know that saying "Cheaters never win?" Well it's particular true on that back channel, reality show Cheaters. If y'all haven't seen it yet you're missing a treat. If you're tired of the staged hillbilly fights Jerry Springer regularly trots out, you'll love the new school beat downs being collected on this show! It airs on what's normally considered back-in-the-day UHF - channel 26 in the Chicago market (check your local listings) but it's worth catching at least one show. That joint is like Lay's Potato Chips - you can't watch just one.

The premise is simple - a person who thinks their significant other is cheating on them calls the show and asks them to check it out for them. The show employs a surveillance squad who track the cheater over the course of several days logging incriminating video footage. They then present the footage to the person who hired them in an area that is normally just a few minutes away from where their SO is kicking it with the other person. The show's host asks solemnly if the suspecter wants to confront their cheater because they're just around the corner still kicking it! Of course the suspecter says 'yes - I'd like to confront them'. They all hop in van, speed to the scene and jump out with cameras rolling while the cheater gets COLD BUSTED. It's like watching an expressway car wreck unfold in slow motion, y' just can't look away. If you like your reality TV cheap, trashy and entertaining, look no further. Judge Judy can wait.

Just when you think reality TV has hit the bottom with the Anna Nichole Show - here comes a show like Cheaters. Is there any segment of American life that people aren't willing to share on TV? People used to joke about televising executions - something like a live version of the movie Running Man (back when Ah-nold had a REAL job). Y'all have to know - at this rate, we'll be seeing it soon during May sweeps (can you say Scott Peterson? The end of his appeals process and the public appetite for such nonsense seem to be headed for harmonic convergence. Plus old boy was cheating on about a stacked deck....).

I hope to have my regular glossies flowing soon. I know y'all are fiending for a glossy or two - not to mention the return of the Shorties in the Shorty of the Week Showcase. Hang in there - relief is on the way.


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