Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bernie Mac & Wayans Bros back, America!

Wassup, Y'all!

Word has filtered to The Basement that Bernie Mac and Shawn and Marlon Wayans are prepping new TV projects. America, I didn't even know Bernie Mac was off his last show. In his new joint, 'Starting Over', B-Mac will play a 'divorced, opinionated guy who not only finds himself living with his son but also working for him.' Hmmm...sounds like Must Flee TV to me, but I'll give it peep when it drops...

As for the boyz you (I) love to hate, the Baby Way crew is collaborating on a new joint called 'Life And Times of Marcus "Felony" Brown' - 'the tale of an up-and-coming hardcore rapper (Darius McCrary) who moves to LA to record his second album, trailed by his manager, body guard and hype man'. Hmmm...if you want dead on satire of the life and times of a 'hardcore' rapper then save yourself some time and check out the Thugnificent Boondocks episode (PG-13 Adult Swim material, y'all. You know the Boondocks makes prolific use of the N-word so use your discretion on if and where to view...).

That joint had ol Ty cryin', y'all. If the Baby Way crew can top that then I'll bow down to their superior comedic skillz (riiiiight)...

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