Thursday, December 13, 2007

George Foreman: Teen Mugger

Wassup, Y'all!

Almost lost among the details in the letters sent to Judge Henry E. Hudson on behalf of Michael Vick requesting leniency (including a handwritten joint by Mike Vick himself) is the one in George Foreman's letter that pointed out how the grill pitchman was once a teenage mugger who 'covered myself with mud from a busted sewer pipe under a house so the police dogs couldn't sniff me out'. First, we all know that wasn't 'mud' he was covering himself in during that straight Shawshank moment. Second, George was trying to make the point that some people make big mistakes, yet can turn their lives around and become productive citizens...

Among those writing letters to the judge on Mike Vick's behalf were Hammerin' Hank Aaron, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin, Mama Vick and a few of the charities that have benefited from homeboy's generosity. Strangely missing was a letter from his knucklehead cousin Davon whose bush league shenanigans led to the discovery of the dog fighting operation. Put another way, homeboy is the tape on the doors at the Watergate Hotel. My Republican homeys should be able to feel me on that one.

Man, George was swinging for the fences with his letter. He straight admitted that he covered himself in doo-doo. That's a friend, Mike Vick.



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