Friday, December 14, 2007

'I Am Legend' Reviews Not Legendary

Wassup, Y'all!

Will Smith's new joint 'I Am Legend' drops today and it looks like the reviews are mixed. Y'all know Ol Ty has been holdin' out hope for a movie that could live up to its trailer havin' been a bit disappointed with American Gangster and so lookin' forward to this sci-fi thriller starring Big Willy Style. Claudia Puig, USA Today's critic seems to dig it (tho she only gave it 2.5 stars and seems to be more into Big Willy than the movie), but so far it's receiving a splat over on which is a fairly good barometer of a movie's flyness...

Even the positive reviews like:

"The movie year's most expensive and ambitious sci-fi spectacular, I Am Legend, is three movies in one: a futuristic effects-o-rama, a zombie thriller and a survivalist parable. Each is better than average, and the experience is fairly gripping."

seem to take a backhand slap at it. 'Fairly gripping'? What the hell is that? A thriller needs to gripping, y'all.

Everybody seems to have a problem with the second half of the movie, the poor computer graphic imagery (CGI) of the zombies that appear and the fact this the story is similar to those UK based flicks 28 Days Later (liked it) and, the more recent 28 Weeks Later (not so much).

Anyway, we'll see. I'm holdin' out 'til mid next week to catch this joint, so until then, holler back and let me know what you think.



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