Wednesday, December 12, 2007

National Racial Profiling - Peep 'Rendition'

Wassup, Y'all!

No it ain't The Perfect Holiday and Tyler Perry ain't in it (cuz y'all know you've seen everything Tyler Perry has put out and you can't wait to see Gabrielle Union in TPH). In fact, there's not a single southside face in this joint, but if you read the recent news about disappearing CIA torture footage and their use of 'waterboarding' to eliciting confessions from terrorists squirreled away in secret CIA prisons outside the country, check out the flick 'Rendition' when it hits the barbershop bootleg circuit....

This joint opened and closed at the theaters with little fanfare (you may still be able to catch it at the 'second run' theaters), but it posed the following jacked up 'What if? scenario': What if you were a law abiding, foreign born national who has lived most of your life in the United States but you suddenly get flagged as a terrorist on your way back to the States from a technical conference?

Trust me - this joint is DEEP and will have a familiar feel to it for southsiders who have experienced similar racial profiling. Remember the Chicago PD torture stories? Now picture that on a national scale with Gangster Sam swinging the phone book...



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