Monday, December 10, 2007

Mike Vick Countdown T-699

Wassup, Y'all!

Just thought I'd throw a Mick Vick Countdown clock out there for my time obsessed basement dwellers. I've dropped one in my sidebar as well for real time updates. I know, I know - what about the dogs? You won't find a bigger dog lover than ol Ty and I'll be the first to condemn ol boy's heinous actions, but he is paying his debt to society, lost a tall stack of money and now it's all about piling on.

Keep in mind, that Mary Winkler killed her husband, got convicted of voluntary manslaughter and only served 67 days. I'll admit the circumstances are dubious and that I don't know what happened but she was convicted and only did 67 days. Note that Mike Vick's clock is at 699 days and counting...



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